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  • Review of When the Wife Cheats

    When the Wife Cheats audiobook cover art

    When the Wife Cheats

    Publisher’s Summary

    In our society the act of infidelity is usually associated with the husband. But what happens when the wife cheats? Very little is written about how the husband and children deal with the lies, deceit, betrayal, and abandonment when the wife violates the martial vows. Follow one man’s journey as he and his two young daughters cope the devastation that occurs when the wife cheats.

    ©2010 Frank Zaccari (P)2019 I’m Hearing Stories

    My Review

    A Compelling Family Tale

    When the Wife Cheats is a book that tells a compelling tale of a beautiful family, broken by infidelity. It started with a few facts how about society carefully avoids the topic of female infidelity. It then carried on to tell a love story between a man and a woman who were really attracted to each other. That attraction turned into love, which eventually led to marriage and raising a family.

    Frank Zaccari, once again, got me hooked on his gripping story-telling ability. The dialogues were good, with each character having its own unique voice. Thanks to the well-performed narration, the characters truly came to life.

    The book was filled with love, hopes, dreams, success, perseverance and forgiveness – all of which were contradicted by failures, struggles, lies and infidelity.

    No marriage is perfect, that is true – and the same goes with families. But the main character’s love for his family was truly unconditional and the sacrifices he made were applaudable. I got carried away a few times and shed tears for the girls when their family was broken. I was expecting that, of course, because of the title. But when it happened, it was really heart-breaking.

    If you have not read/listened to the other books written by Frank Zaccari, you should. The Battaglia’s are my favorite fictional Italian family. Thank you Frank, for this wonderful story. Thank you Russel Archey for a great performance.

  • Review of The Kammersee Affair

    The Kammersee Affair         By:         John Holt         Narrated by:         Ben Werling     Length: 12 hrs and 44 mins     7 ratings     Overall 4.9

    The Kammersee Affair

    • By: John Holt
    • Narrated by: Ben Werling
    • Length: 12 hrs and 44 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 08-08-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: John Holt

    My Review

    “A Truly Amazing Listen”



    5 out of 5 stars



    5 out of 5 stars



    5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewed: 09-03-19

    I have listened to a few books written by John Holt. And I have to say that this book has become one of my favorites. The characters of the book were each given their own highlights in the story – it made me connect with each of them more. Though some parts of the novel happened during World War II, it was not a war story. It was intriguing from the start and I got really hooked to it.

    The narration was great, as well. Ben Werling has an attention-grabbing kind of voice and he was really good at doing different accents. The background sound was a brilliant addition. I liked it that I was hearing train whistles, water splashes and other sounds – because it made the book more interesting and entertaining for me.

    This book truly deserves Five-Star reviews! Highly recommended!

  • Interview with Majken Selinder Nilsson

    Interview with Majken Selinder Nilsson

    Author Majken Selinder Nilsson

    Majken:  My inspiration for A Good Kind of Crazy started when I began watching a TV show on Netflix that, when I researched it, had spawned a lot of speculation with the fans about the two lead actors’ private and love lives. Because of their amazing on-screen chemistry, devoted viewers were busy on social media platforms, without the benefit of much available personal information, trying to decipher whether or not they were a couple in “Real Life”.

    The situation got me pondering if there was perhaps more to their story than they chose to disclose. As I began to imagine all of the different scenarios, the story line for the novel developed, and then demanded to be written. I actually composed the first page in my head while showering one cold January morning. The most shocking part in all of this was that I hadn’t ever seriously considered writing a book, but it quickly morphed into a personal challenge, just to see if I could do it.


    Check out the Audible sample here:



  • Review of Beyond Broken Pencils

    Beyond Broken Pencils cover art

    Beyond Broken Pencils

    • A School Shooting Tale of Heartbreak and Healing
    • By: Julie C. Gilbert
    • Narrated by: Curt Bonnem
    • Length: 5 hrs and 56 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 28-02-19
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert


    He has a goal and a plan. If he carries through with the plan, his sister will die first. His ex will die next, and he will die last. In between, he’ll take out as many people as he can. Students. Security guards. Teachers. First responders. They are all fair game.

    Who will live, and who will die? How will those who live go on when their world is shattered by unthinkable tragedy?


    ©2018 Julie C. Gilbert (P)2019 Julie C. Gilbert

    My Review

    A Heart-Breaking Story

    Beyond Broken Pencils is a fictional story that talks about one of the most heart-breaking realities of our time – school shootings in America. Julie Gilbert related a tale that was based on events that have been making the whole world sad and everyone wondering why such madness happen. I, personally, was moved by this book because I have children who goes to school and I worry for their safety everyday. We are not in America and I hope that no such thing will ever happen to our schools here.

    I like the book because it gave each characters their own highlights, particularly the main one. I cried a few times, and have asked myself if I am doing everything I can to support and love my kids. This book will do that to you, make you analyze how you are dealing with the children and teens in your life. They are the most vulnerable individuals in our society and it is about time to focus, not just on what, but also on HOW they are doing.

    I had a bit of an issue with the narration, but the story really made up for that.


  • Earning Without Being Employed – Be Your Own Boss

    Earning Without Being Employed audiobook cover art

    Earning Without Being Employed

    • 35 Businesses Anyone Can Start and Run
    • By: Jeff Evarts
    • Narrated by: Luke Rounda
    • Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 04-17-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: Jeff Evarts

    Publisher’s Summary

    If you want to escape traditional workplace but don’t know where to start, then this audiobook is for you.

    Explore a wide range of self-employment options – 35 of them – and gain practical tips on how to succeed as your own boss. These jobs do not require you to get hired by anyone, and you don’t need to invest in a franchise or rent a store. For each one, you will find detailed information, including:

    • What you can expect to be paid
    • Where to go for additional information
    • What licenses, if any, are required
    • How to figure out if a particular option is right for you

    Earning a living doesn’t mean you need to have a boss. Take charge of your destiny. Be productive, and get paid what you deserve. Discover the many self-employment options that will have you…Earning Without Being Employed.


    ©2012 Jeff Evarts (P)2018 Jeff Evarts
    We all want to make money and have a pleasurably comfortable life. Being employed is one sure way of earning income, bringing food in the table and providing shelter for the family. But, what if you can earn money – probably more – and you do not have to be employed or work for someone else?
    Would that not be a better option – if not the best?
    For people who have been working for other people for most of their adult lives, being the employer is sometimes just a far-fetched dream. With the help of this audiobook, you get the chance to learn about 35 businesses that you can start, run and be succesful in.
    Have a good listen and enjoy the journey to an adventure that could eventually lead you to being your own boss.
  • Review of Emma’s Journey

    Emma's Journey audiobook cover art

    Emma’s Journey Into the Unknown

    Emma’s Journey was a good listen. It was refreshing because it was truly heart-warming and it defined friendship as something that can last – even between two completely different individuals. David and Emma’s relationship was not conventional, but they managed to keep it; and it even went on beyond death – not in a creepy way :-).

    I love that the story revolved mostly on Emma’s unexpectedly discovery of David’s past life in his small hometown rather than on the past that they shared – in that way, the story stayed true to its theme. I also admired the way the author introduced each character, giving each one of them their own highlights in the story.

    All in all, the story is something that I would highly recommend to anyone needing an inspirational read/listen. Alyssa Baumann narrated this book to perfection. I love how soothing and relaxing her voice was – without making me fall asleep.

  • Review of Fatal Reaction, Survival

    Fatal Reaction, Survival cover art

    Fatal Reaction, Survival

    • By: Michelle Ann Hollstein
    • Narrated by: Tim Jackson
    • Series: Fatal Reaction, Book 2
    • Length: 5 hrs and 41 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 11-27-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: M.A. Hollstein

    Fatal Reaction, Survival is another great story from MA Hollstein matched by an equally great narration by Tim Jackson.

    The main characters from book one were joined by others. These people also survived the infection and were all scared of the looming danger above. As they try to live day to day, they were forced to face scarier circumstances and individuals.

    The suspense was definitely rising as the surviving humans realized that the threat they face was way beyond what they imagined.

    The big twist in the first book was accounted for and then another twist was introduced. Brilliant! Making me eager to start listening to the third book.

  • Review of Diagnosis Murder

    Diagnosis Murder  audiobook cover art

    Diagnosis Murder

    • Kendall, Book 7
    • By: John Holt
    • Narrated by: Mark Sando
    • Length: 8 hrs and 51 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 07-04-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: John Holt


    “Suicides? Accidents? Murders!”

    Diagnosis Murder is the seventh book in the Kendall series by John Holt. Tom Kendall is a private investigator and he works with his ever reliable assistant, Molly. Together they solve crimes and help the victims and their families get the justice they deserve.

    In the book, Diagnosis Murder, Kendall and Molly, once again, embark on a complicated investigation – multiple murders. Some of these crimes were initially concluded as either suicide or accidents.

    It was too concerning though because the victims were doctors! These medical professionals were either dying or missing. and they have one thing in common – they were all working on something really important that would revolutionalize cancer treatment and therapy.

    John Holt, as usual, managed to entertain me with his unique ability to come up with twists and turns that made me hooked until the last line. The narration helped a lot in giving justice, both to the story and the characters.

    Highly recommended book!

  • Review of Inside the Spaghetti Bowl

    Inside the Spaghetti Bowl audiobook cover art

    Publisher’s Summary

    Like many of the “baby boomers”, my family faced the difficult task of burying our mother. The audiobook is based on the last eight days of our mother’s life. It is a celebration of life, family, culture, and tradition. As my relatives came to pay their last respects, we heard so many wonderful stories about the trials and sacrifices made by our parents and grandparents so we could live the American dream.

    This is our story, this is your story. It is a story for every beating heart that has loved or has been loved. It is the story about the struggles and pains endured by those virtuous individuals who poured their lives into ours and filled our years with intimate memories and a gladdened heart. It is the story you will want to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

    This is an audiobook about family and unconditional love through the good times and bad. It is about a family who is and always will be there for each other no matter what. We hope you see your family in this audiobook and that the memories make you smile.

    My Audible Review

    Family, Food and Love

    Inside the Spaghetti Bowl is an inspiring story about a family’s journey through life, love and loss.

    Frank Zaccari wrote a book of wonderful memories and enlightening tales filled with lessons to learn and laughters to share.

    There are several highlights that I found to be truly inspirational. These include:
    – Carmela and Frank Zaccari’s love story
    – The story of Frank’s childhood hero, Bobby (aka Superman)
    – The Christmas feasts
    -The Grandparents’ stories
    – The Zaccari Coat of Arms – a true symbol of Life with Integrity
    – The chapter dedicated to the storyline of one of my favorite books, Five Years to Live (also by Frank Zaccari)

    Anne Alder provided an enjoyable and easy-to-listen narration as she gave voices to all the Zaccaris and the Mancuzos, and the rest of this lovable Italian-American family.

  • Interview with Audiobook Narrator, David Edes

    David Edes recently completed My Name is Prosperity:  A Law of Attraction Story, by Author Tim C Star. It is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. This interview is published at I’m Hearing Stories.

    David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife and two sons. Over the past 5 years, he has produced more than 60 training videos for his technology client in the vending industry. He is experienced in radio broadcasting and theater drama productions. He specialize in commercials, narrations, technical training videos, and audio books. His voice can be described as deep, smooth, fatherly, and kind, with an authoritative, story-teller vocal style (making him an ideal audiobook narrator).

    For David, these are the Top Ten Reasons to be an Audiobook Narrator:

    10.  You’re looking to get paid to do something fun.
      9.  People have told you that you have a ‘nice’ voice.
      8.  You love telling stories to your friends and families.
      7.  You read well and have good pronunciation.
      6.  You have some experience as an actor.
      5.  You enjoy speaking to an audience.
      4.  You love listening to good audio books yourself.
      3.  You’d like to make some extra cash.
      2.  You love speaking in character voices.
      1.  You think you’re the next Scott Brick!
    Check out the full interview at
  • Henry: The Jersey Brigade

    Henry: The Jersey Brigade (Toe the Mark) (Volume 1)

    Hello Audiobook Lovers!

    Goodie goodie goodie!   We have another new release to share!  …. And YES, there STILL are more to come, so keep your eyes out for another announcement soon!!

    Remember Jesse: 53rd Kentucky (Toe the Mark)??  Well Ruth Ochs Webster is at it again!  Her newest audiobook has just been released!

    Henry: The Jersey Brigade (Toe the Mark) (Volume 1)

    This is an award-winning novel you will love!

    First Place Winner Historical Fiction 2017 TAZ Book Awards

    Henry Marts was 19 years old when he defied his Quaker faith and answered the call from President Lincoln to defend the Union. Fully expecting to be home in a matter of months, Henry left behind his parents, his work as an oysterman, his sea captain brother Will, and his sweetheart Christiana. Henry, and his comrades in the 3rd Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, would experience some of the most compelling moments of the Eastern campaigns.

    Experience their triumphant surge up South Mountain at Crampton’s Gap. Bear their frustration as they are held in fitful reserve at Antietam. Feel the pain of being the somber rear guard during the long, bitter retreat from Fredericksburg. Witness Pickett’s Charge from their hilltop vantage point. Be knee-deep in action at Bull Run Bridge, Chancellorsville, and the Wilderness. And advance up Laurel Hill at Spotsylvania Courthouse. There Henry would face his enemies and inner demons in one final struggle….

    Historical fiction based on the military record and life of Henry W. Marts and the regimental record of the Jersey 3rd. First in the Civil War series called Toe the Mark.

    *Image created by Audiobook Creation Exchange:

  • Night at Key West

    Night at Key West audiobook cover art

    Night at Key West

    A Simon Wolfe Mystery, Book 1

    • By: Craig A. Hart
    • Narrated by: Tom Jordan
    • Length: 4 hrs and 23 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 11-28-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: Northern Lake Publishing

    Publisher’s Summary

    Key West. Hemingway. Murder.

    When private investigator Simon Wolfe is hired to follow his friend’s wife under suspicion of adultery, he could never have guessed it would lead him into a friendship with the world’s leading writer, Ernest Hemingway. Nor could he have predicted the strange and disturbing twists the investigation would take.

    The case accelerates quickly when the wife is found murdered in a Key West hotel and discovered to have a secret life. But that revelation is downright boring as the plot thickens with increasingly bizarre revelations, capped off with a macabre ending no one saw coming.

    Based on actual events, Night at Key West is a wild ride into history and intrigue, populated by many true-to-life characters and places.

    ©2018 Craig A. Hart (P)2018 Craig A. Hart

    My Audible Review:

    Murder in Island Paradise

    I enjoyed listening to this book. Night at Key West was a good crime story based on real events that occured in non-fictional places. Listening to this tale by Craig Hart was like getting a lesson on a piece of US detective/crime history.

    The characters were given individual personalities and interesting characteristics, thanks to the convincing narration of Tom Jordan.



  • The Joys of Audiobook Listening


    turned on black samsung smartphone between headphones

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    Some people say that listening to audiobooks is not the same as reading books. It is actually the same argument that was raised when eBooks started to dominate the reading scene. After a while though, more and more book readers discovered the eBooks provide a more convenient means of enjoying books and learning new things.

    With audiobook, that kind of convenience was simply upgraded. By listening, a reader does not need to hold a book or a reading device. The device can stay hidden inside a pocket or a bag and then the “reader” can multitask or just relax on a couch, hammock or bed while getting transported into a whole new world.

    You can enjoy your book even when you are cooking, cleaning the house, driving, mowing your lawn or changing your baby’s diaper. In other words, audiobooks simply brought reading up to the next level.

    Some of the Audioboks that I highly recommend include:

    Five Years to Live 

    The Boy Across the Creek

    Fatal Reaction: The Beginning

    Love’s Dangerous Challenge


    Check these Audiobooks and more at I’m Hearing Stories.



  • Review of The Boy Across the Creek

    The Boy Across the Creek audiobook cover art

    The Boy Across the Creek

    Publisher’s Summary

    After Rose college boyfriend ends their two-year relationship, she returns to the only place she knows where she could find solace as she tries to mend her broken heart. After taking a break from college and not wanting to return home, she finds herself on her family ranch with Aunt Annie, Uncle Sledge, and her cousin Claude. There she learns the true meaning of love and family as she falls in love again. Her love is interrupted by her past that ultimately has a lasting effect on all who are involved. The Boy Across the Creek has twists and turns that continuously show the power of love.

    My Review

    Love Story and More

    The Boy Across the Creek is undoubtedly a love story; a modern fairy tale. It is also a story of family ties and neighborly closeness. The book takes you into a rollercoaster of emotions as it talks about falied relationships, mistakes made, wrong decisions and bad to worst scenarios.

    On the other hand, its is also full of romantic tales, chivalrous acts and dreams coming true. The twists and turns just keep coming and kept me on my toes during the entire ride/listen.

    The narration was great. It was entertaining, giving each character its own individual and distinct characteristic.

    Overall, this is a highly recommended audiobook for people who are searching for something inspiring and uplifting.

  • Review of Lost Illumination

    Lost Illumination audiobook cover art

    Lost Illumination

    Publisher’s Summary

    When an eerie voice interrupts Christian’s ordinary life, the familiar scene of the Fall Valley Boarding School crumbles into uncertainty. Soon, this boy’s worries are shifted from the troubles of his past to the terrifying disturbances that haunt him at every turn.

    In a matter of days, the menacing voices and shadowy shapes become the least of his troubles. Christian decides he must face his foes or live forever in fear. In doing so, a mysterious force drags him into a strange and unfamiliar land where the unnatural terrors are somehow perfectly catered to torment him.

    It isn’t long before Christian is discovered by the inhabitants of this new realm. A peculiar but seemingly trustworthy fellow leads him to safety and introduces him to an ancient kingdom that has been lost for ages. Christian may think himself a victim of circumstance, but he soon discovers he has been chosen to determine the fate of an ancient people.

    The task may seem impossible, but if Christian does not succeed, hundreds of lives may be lost…and billions cursed forever.

    The terrors are relentless, the secrets are endless, and the expectations that are thrown upon this 13-year-old boy are almost overwhelming. The past may have stolen his hope for the future, but Christian must decide if he has the courage to abandon his doubts and seize the path to a truly unfathomable destiny.


    ©2016 K.C. Dunford (P)2018 K.C. Dunford

     “Pleasantly surprised”

    Overall  – 4 out of 5 stars
    Performance  – 4 out of 5 stars
    Story – 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewed: 10-08-18

    I have not listened to books from this genre before and although it feels like a young teenager or young adult aimed story I did enjoy it and I am sure other older adults will too.

    After a somewhat slow start the pace picks up and had me hooked. The writing is good and the storyline moves along quite well.

    There are twists aplenty in the story and just when you think all is well and Christian has triumphed another twist in the tale surprises you.

    Well worth your time listening to this story. Lost Illumination


  • Review of Hounded

    Hounded audiobook cover art


    Hounded tells the story of an orphaned young woman, Claire, who found herself moving from the city she grew up in to live in a quiet little town with her aunt and uncle. As she was starting her journey towards her new life, she found an orphaned puppy. Feeling sympathy for the dog, Claire took it in. Soon, she developed a loving companionship with her pet.

    Little did she know that what she actually adopted was not an ordinary dog. It was a magical one. That was just the first of the many exciting twists of the story.

    What I like most about this book is that it provided information about the difference between ordinary dogs and other creatures of the magical world, particularly werewolves and demon hounds.

    My Audible Review

    A different kind of love story. A story of two lost souls finding each other and finding love and comfort with each other.

    It was a fast-paced story and very informative, as well. The narration was good. At some parts though the narrator talked too fast, like in a hurry.

  • Review of A Life Unfolds in the City

    A Life Unfolds in the City audiobook cover art

    A Life Unfolds in the City

    By: Ruth G. Zavitsanos
    Narrated by: Jennifer Jill Araya
    Length: 4 hrs and 37 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release date: 06-26-18
    Language: English
    Publisher: Ruth G. Zavitsanos

    A Life Unfolds in the City is a beautiful story. It is classic and timeless. The narration helped in bringing the characters to life.

    We all want to find that one great true love, right? In this book, that was a big double bonus! Two stories of true love in one book! I just love the way the story started with the main character living her boring and sad life and eventually transformed it into an exciting and fulfilling one.

    The author managed to convey the importance of family and loyalty. At the same time, she also reminded us that true love can truly conquer all.


  • Review of Love’s Dangerous Challenge


    Love’s Dangerous Challenge

    By: Ellynore Seybold

    Publisher’s Summary:

    During the Reign of Terror in France in the late 1700s, the common people amused themselves by watching the heads of the nobility roll, severed by the guillotine. When Eduard Saulnier falls in love with Countess Annise de Brisson in 1793, he fears that, as a commoner, he will never be allowed to court her. But Annise is staying with her aunt because her parents have been sized by the revolutionaries and condemned to die by the guillotine. Eduard approaches the old lady for permission to court Annise, knowing his chances are slim. However, he is totally unprepared for the old countess’s answer–yes, he may court and marry Annise, after he gets her parents out of prison…any way he can.

    My Goodreads Review of the eBook:

    Love’s Dangerous Challenge tells the story of love, courage and sacrifices. It is historical, which allows the readers to learn while enjoying a nicely-written love story.

    The one thing that I really liked about the story is that it gave focus on the importance of family. It makes one realize that if you have a family that supports and loves you, you can face the worse challenges (even death).

    We all want to end up with someone who would not just love us, but also would protect us and risk his lfe for us, right? The hero of this book is that someone! He went to do an impossible task and ended up with the girl of his dreams. A truly romantic tale.

    Finally, the author was able to convey that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

  • Review of Five Years to Live

    Five Years to Live audiobook cover art

    Five Years to Live

    • By: Frank Zaccari
    • Narrated by: Christopher DoQui
    • Length: 7 hrs and 4 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release date: 08-14-18
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: I’m Hearing Stories

    Publisher’s Summary:

    It is the phone call every person lives in fear of receiving. There has been an accident and your loved one is paralyzed. A spinal cord injury is the single most devastating and life altering event. Based on a true story, Michael and Donna were young, successful, in love and planning their life together. That life was radically changed by a tragic car accident. Now a wheelchair user as a quadriplegic, with limited movement, constant infections and multiple surgeries, doctors projected Michael’s best case life expectancy to be five years. See how this young man battles through his injury and spends his five years making a lasting impact on hundreds of people. It will make you realize what can be accomplished when a person does not let circumstances dictate their life.


    ©2012 Frank Zaccari (P)2018 Im Hearing Stories

    My Audible Review:

    Five Years to Live is a nicely written story about a young man with a very promising future. It also talks of a couple, so much in love but was forced by circumstances to go their separate ways.
    The book also tells about the power of determination, perseverance and a solid support group.
    It is inspirational in such a way that it makes you realize that no matter how hard and harsh you think life is, you can always turn things around and make it work in your favor.
    Good story done with equally good narration.

    Five Years to Live is currently available on Audible:


  • Review of Fatal Reaction, The Beginning

    Fatal Reaction: The Beginning audiobook cover art

    Fatal Reaction: The Beginning

    Publisher’s Summary

    People are growing ill; eyes changing color, burning up with a fever so fierce that it causes them to go crazy, attacking those around them, spreading the infection like wildfire.

    People are trying to escape the unknown sickness, but there is nowhere to run…nowhere to hide….

    The only chance for the survival of the human race is to stay and fight. However, they’re unaware of what they’re fighting. What they’re up against is much greater than anything they could ever imagine. This is just the beginning….

    Could this be the end of humanity?

    ©2016 M. A. Hollstein (P)2018 I’m Hearing Stories

    My Audible Review:

    “Suspense, lots of action and an unexpected twist!”

    Fatal Reaction, The Beginning was written in great details making you feel like you are watching rather than just listening. The narrator did a really good job particularly with the characters’ voices.

    At first I thought it’s just another zombie-apocalyptic story, but the big twist towards the end was something I really did not expect.

    The second book is surely something to look forward to.


    The story has four major characters:

    Mike  – Strong, determined, and loyal to his duties as a Sherriff.  He also stayed positive in the midst of the unexplainable disaster.

    Ellie – Ellie was sweet and soft-hearted, though confused and seemed lost most of the time. An easy target for bad people.

    Bill  – The loving father who would do everything to keep his son safe.

    Amanda – Strong-willed woman whose survival instincts kept her alive despite being alone for most part of the story.

    Fatal Reaction, The Beginning is available on Audible: